Choose Your Pain

Choosing pain can lead to more joy


9/30/20231 min read

three assorted-color joy signage
three assorted-color joy signage

Choosing Pain for Spontaneous Joy

There's a counterintuitive truth I've discovered during my cold plunges: the more discomfort and pain I intentionally introduce into my life, the more spontaneous happiness I seem to receive. The principle is surprisingly simple yet profound: when we actively select our challenges, pushing through discomfort and embracing discipline, life often rewards us with unforeseen moments of genuine joy and fulfillment.

Conversely, when we chase fleeting pleasures, seeking the easiest path and immediate gratification, we inadvertently invite unexpected suffering. By avoiding the hard path and living a life of convenience and indulgence, we find ourselves entangled in unforeseen complications, regrets, and emotional turmoil.

Think of it as a balancing act of the universe. By consciously embracing challenges and choosing our pain, we're aligning ourselves with a higher purpose and intention. This proactive approach has a ripple effect, setting into motion a series of events that often culminate in serendipitous moments of bliss. It's as if by taking control of our hardships, the universe acknowledges our effort and grants us moments of ease and happiness.

On the other hand, a life centered around constant pleasure-seeking puts us at the mercy of external circumstances. Without the foundation of discipline and chosen challenges, we become more susceptible to life's unpredictable setbacks. The result? Uninvited pain and hardships that catch us off guard.

In essence, our daily choices, whether to face pain head-on or avoid it, shape the trajectory of our experiences. By actively choosing discipline and embracing pain, we're not only building resilience but also opening the door to unanticipated joys. Remember, it's not about masochism but about understanding that through controlled adversity, we pave the way for spontaneous blessings.