Mind Over Matter?

Think again


9/2/20232 min read

Mind Over Matter? Think Again.

The greatest illusion we live under is the dominance of our mind over our actions. Yes, our mind is a powerful tool - it's where we analyze, strategize, dream, and visualize our desired outcomes. Titans of transformation like Tony Robbins often talk about the power of the mind in visualization and setting intentions. However, while the mind creates the blueprint, it’s not the construction crew. That's where your heart and body come in.

The Paralysis of Overthinking

Many today suffer from what is termed 'analysis paralysis'. We think, rethink, and overthink, hoping to perfect our strategy. But in doing so, we fail to take that crucial first step. Wes Watson, with his raw approach, often emphasizes the need to get out of our heads and into the grind. It's easy to dream big, but dreams without action remain just that - dreams.

Heart-Powered Actions

Your heart, fueled by passion and emotion, acts as the driving force behind every significant action you take. When you're feeling stagnant, when you're unable to push through, it's often because you're living too much in your head. The heart feels, the body acts, while the mind reflects. And it's in harmonizing these three that you truly come alive.

The Body in Motion

Dan Peña, the trillion dollar man, often remarks, “Just fucking do it.” He's not talking about mere thinking; he's talking about physical, tangible action. Your body is the vessel that interacts with the world, making your dreams tangible. When you're paralyzed with fear, it's your heart's courage and your body's motion that carries you forward.

Unshackling the Mind

If you find yourself trapped in a whirlwind of thoughts, it might be time to give them an outlet. Journaling, as recommended by countless success coaches including Tony Robbins, allows you to channel your thoughts, freeing your mind from its self-imposed cage. Once you've processed and penned down these thoughts, you unburden your mind, allowing your heart and body to take the reins.

In Conclusion: Embrace the Full Spectrum

Taking action is the dividing line between dreamers and doers. While the mind strategizes, it's the heart that provides the zeal and the body that enacts the plan. As you navigate the journey towards your goals, remember: it’s not enough to think; you must feel, act, and conquer. Now, let's get moving. Let's actualize our potential. Let's fucking go.